K, Love  8/12/2020

~ A couple of weeks ago my scalp had a bad allergic reaction to some braiding hair I had purchase from the beauty supply store. From the help of diagnose shampoo and Glow Naturally's Grow Infinity and Beyond Oil help my scalp to heal within 3 days of usage! Thanks to Glow Naturally my scalp feels so rejuvenated and moisturize. I swear this oil has super healing powers. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Joanne 8/11/2020

~ OMG MY CURLS!!! IT'S SO CREAMY!! Child just from one use of Honey! Restore My Moisture Avocado and Mango Deep Conditioner has got my curls poppin. The front of my hair is such a task, it's so hard to get my curls to spiral like the back of my hair. However, this is the best deep conditioner I've tried that has actually define all of my curls.

Rob 8/18/2020

~ Man this oil smell so good!

Bid Whist Queen 8/21/2020

~ my daughter loves her products. she says they are working miracles on miya hair. thanks Taylor Love (Glo) I'm so proud of you. live your dreams baby girl.

N.C 8/30/2020

~ I use to have thin hair and terrible scabs on my scalp. I feel like this oil has powers or something, because when I first used it as a hot oil treatment with aloe vera my scalp felt so good afterwards I knew it was working. After the 5th time of using it my hair has completely healed and my hair has gotten thicker and my scalp is no longer pealing, I even started growing locs and in 3 months time my locs are now chin length. Man I love her oils this is definitely a healing oil for damaged scalp and hair.

Tamar 9/15/20

~So just to brag but girllllllllll that hair growth stuff I got from you is doin it's thang my hair is growing so much quicker than usual and I only can tell cause my hair is colored and all I see is roots and I have a loc and I just retwist it before I got your stuff and I got so much new growth I'm happy happy 

Mimi 9/19/202

~ I love my deep conditioner!!!! It's so creamy and I love the smell. I really like it, it left my hair sooooo soft!

 Brandon 9/22/2020

~ I been trying to grow my beard out forever and when I used the Grow infinity and beyond oil my beard started growing like crazy after using it for 2 weeks. My beard is thicker and it even started to connect now. Love this oil man and it smells good!

Giselle 9/28/2020

~ Omggggg I just love the growth oil and deep conditioner!!!! I been using both of these products for 4 months now and my hair has not only grown longer but it has grown thicker, healthier and my hair just love these products. After one use of the Honey! Restore My Moisture Deep Conditioner my curls be so soft and define! 

 Ke'Anna 10/01/2020

~ My Favorite Oil!!!!!! Works wonders

Shan 10/03/202

~ I love my oil, smells so good.

Ashley 10/05/2020

~ Omg my curls was poppinnnnnn lol. I even washed my weave with it lmao the best deep conditioner that I have used in a long time my weave was soft as hell too

Destinee 10/12/2020

First and foremost I just wanna say that l loveeee the deep conditioner. So, this was actually my first time deep conditioning my hair. I have between 4a and 4b hair and what I really like about this product is how I still had definition in my curls immediately after I rinsed the product out of my head. I’ve been looking for a product that will define my curls for a wet and go look as well as providing a soft puffy look and feel  for my fro!